Colm Gillis


Do you love those authors who have solutions for all our problems, who are perfect humanitarian liberals, and who are PC-compliant? If you do, then this site is not for you.

This author is all about realism, he only offers problems, and he goes to the dark side of political issues. If you understand politics from this angle, then you might survive in this zone.

Born in Cork, Ireland, I have written two books about politics. My latest book is The Exceptionally Decisive Carl Schmitt and my first book is titled Mysteries of State in the Renaissance

Currently, I am working on a book about dictatorship. And, as is my tendency, this will be engaged with in a realistic manner. Hopefully, it will perplex and shock you.

The book is intended to be similar in ‘spirit’ to Carl Schmitt’s Dictatorship or Giorgio Agamben’s State of Exception.  Subjects like emergency powers also form part of the book and these are highly relevant because of events like 9/11. The book should be released March 1st 2016.

Book Cover Design
The Terrible Beauty of the Dictatorship: Release Date March 1, 2016


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