Identity Ireland Identify Issues Impossible to Ignore

Identity Ireland deserve to be listened to and not shouted down. Issues they are raising will become topical whether Irish people want them to or not. In this blog, the issues of immigration and national sovereignty are looked at in a fair manner, with some recommendations made. 

Identity Ireland want immigration controls but also have a positive plank to their platform. They want to regain the reins of Irish sovereignty, i.e. leave the EU. But the party had teething problems. It’s opening shindig was stormed by radical lefties. Charges of xenophobia and outright Fascism abounded. These seem to be greatly exxaggerated, it must be noted.

Now, this blog is not going to be a party political broadcast for Identity Ireland but will merely discuss their concerns and political stance in an intelligent manner.

Immigration is a polarizing issue in Europe. For governments and businesses, immigration is a no-brainer. Businesses can get an Eastern European, South Asian, or African, to work for less pay, longer hours, with (to put it bluntly) less ‘backchat.’ Studies have repeatedly shown that immigration adds net value to economies. Furthermore, it must be said that countries like France or the UK were not ‘invaded’ by immigrants post WWII. They needed both labour and, again to put it less than gently, breeding humans to replenish populations that had been decimated or maimed by the Imperial battles for power commonly referred to as WWII.

Economics aside, there is another reason why immigrants proved to be attractive for Western governments. Processes of liberalization, which means less responsibility for government and more societal chaos, are assisted by immigration. They bring with them their own cultures and it can be easy to legalize something like abortion by appealing to ideas of cultural sensitivities and the relativeness of all points-of-view. This is what happened in the UK in the 1960s. Over time, the native culture gets ‘dumbed-down.’

Yet there were other voices in Europe, one being that of Enoch Powell. Powell was a Libertarian. So, his economic theories become a little inconsistent given what we have just said about the value immigrants bring to the economy. Yet Powell correctly saw that throwing together disparate peoples was imprudent even though he lied about certain incidents constitutents were alleged to have brought to his attention.

Powell’s insults aside, prudence is really the key word here. It is not that a nation like Ireland is superior to any other country and likewise Irish people superior to all others. It is not that immigrants are worse people than the natives. No, it is just that turning a ‘blind eye’ to the fact that many of the natives are unlikely to warm to newcomers is unwise.

However, let us not blame immigrants for all our problems. It is even possible that, when it gets down to it, they are to blame for none of our problems. Again if we subtract issues with immigrants from our analysis and look at the UK, we can see that this society has been on an increasingly downward spiral since it has been liberalized. There is no family life left in Britain, the country became beset by hoolliganism and inner-city strife almost as soon as society liberalized. How about the shocking crimes that have taken place, which have not been witnessed in Ireland? The Bulger murder, mass shootings, etc… How about drug problems, mental health problems?

Many of these internal issues have come to the fore in Ireland ever since the country liberalized in the early 1990s. Liberalization has been a disaster and it was only the ‘roaring 90s’ which were the only real silver lining. Ireland today is a broken country, with high rates of suicide, mental health issues, drug problems, a rising crime rate, an ever-increasing feeling of isolation, broken homes and decadence. A new Land War is in the process of kicking off as we communicate.

The sense of, theres that word, identity, is gone. Identity is a fundamental for any human and is far more powerful than any economic carrot. It is clear that there are many people living in Ireland who hate their country and who do not exhibit the necessary loyalty.

While I would disagree with the method adopted by Identity Ireland with respect to immigration, I would agree with the broad thrust of their policy which is to have some value attached to what it means to be Irish.

Here would be my following recommendations to regain Irish identity:

  1. The Irish language must be made compulsory in the course of official business, e.g. revenue and welfare services. There will be pressure on both newcomers and natives to learn Gaelic.
  2. The welfare system should be pared down to its bare bones. This discourages welfare tourism. A country like the US has proven sucessful when bringing in immigrants by not having a vast welfare system. A bare welfare system encourages newcomers to integrate and to contribute.
  3. Only Irish culture should be encouraged with public monies.
  4. Citizenship should be limited to those Irish and foreigners who prove themselves worthy of citizenship. This is absolutely democratic. Does it make sense that someone who sticks a needle in their arm on the Ha’penny bridge has the same political rights as someone who plays a positive role in their community their entire lives? Remember, also that political rights are not the same as human rights and there is no ‘right’ for someone to lord it over or lead others.
  5. Finally, the whole thrust of official policy should be to bind people together in a coherent and unified political community, one that is based on the commitment given in the Constitution of 1937 to defend the family (i.e. to defend the blood lineage of the various families that make up the Irish nation).

In sum, there doesn’t have to be a negative response to immigrants but there has to be a positive upholding of our native culture which, after all, is the reason why there is a Republic of Ireland in the first place.

And, on a final note, it is xenophobic to love your country, to love your soil, to love your blood.

Colm Gillis has authored two books. His latest is on the topic of sovereignty and is titled The Exceptionally Decisive Carl Schmitt. You can find his Amazon page here.

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