Amnesty Ireland Sweep Suffering Under the Carpet

Amnesty Ireland support abortion and a form of relationship where the traditional mother and father are no longer essential. They are relying on a culture of the taboo and also are sweeping the human suffering that will inevitably arise under the carpet. 

If you have grown up in Ireland then you have been programmed to respond in a certain way towards the past and the present. The past is always a horrible, awful, place. The present, meadows of joy and bliss. The future will be even better if we completely renounce the past (and give more power to the government by allowing them to raise more taxes to fund this nirvana, but I digress). It is amazing the wonders that consistent propaganda can work.

One of the most common charges against the past is that ‘things,’ by which it is mostly meant unwanted teen or out-of-wedlock pregnancies, were swept under the carpet. This sweeping was mostly performed by religious organisations, particularly the Catholic Church. Therefore, the logic goes, all controls and regulation of family life and morals must go. Otherwise, we will lurch back into a regime of misogyny. I won’t go into the ridiculousness  of this thesis but take it from me, as someone who grew up in Ireland during the ‘dark days,’ there is a lot of nonsense being bandied about.

It is in this spirit that Amnesty Ireland, an organization founded by one of the great figures of international history during the 20th century Sean MacBride, now operates. Amnesty threw its weight behind the same-sex relationship (I deign to use the word marriage because it is not grammatically correct) referendum. They did this on the basis that love was a right, albeit this is a view that is not widely shared even by the UN.

Amnesty is now telling us that women have a right to abort the babies that they, in nearly every circumstance, have chosen to conceive. You have the right to love someone, you have the right to kill someone. It’s all the one once you stick the label of ‘choice’ on the tin.

There are three elements that Amnesty have working in their favour with regard to the new thinking on marriage and on abortion;

  1. These topics are perceived as private matters and even more than that, private sexual matters. So, it is not always considered wise for a private person to have a strong opinion as it can make someone appear as a prude.
  2. The people affected, the kids who grow up without knowing a parent or the fetus whose life is choked before being able to utter a word, are kept in the background. To all intents and purposes they do not exist.
  3. These two points generate a third dynamic and it is that of the taboo. Most people will be ashamed to question or feel demoralized if they do so. Hence, the issues become untouchable.

With these prevailing winds in their favour, Amnesty are occupying a vital place in the liberal Irish establishment. This establishment is determined to break up families, promote individualism, turn each and every corner of society into a market, extend government power through taxation and central banking, and institute a false paradise watered by the cult of youth and hedonism.

With their new political stance, so very different from that of MacBride, Amnesty are treating wombs as commodities where life can be either generated or destroyed depending on the market demand. This is typical LIberal thinking.

In doing so, Amnesty Ireland are relying on the pall of the taboo to crush the weak under the feet of the strong. Mothers who choose to have babies can throw them to the medical wolves (despite Ireland having a very generous welfare system for mothers and excellent maternity services). Parents can walk out on their children if they fulfil the role of a surrogate or sperm donor, something they would be stigmatised for or even legally sanctioned against if done to a co-parent in a traditional relationship.

There is no doubt that the same people who are enthusiastic about the new definition of marriage would feel pain if their own mum or dad abandoned them to a hypersexual couple. And they themselves have obviously escaped being aborted and were given the best available medical care to navigate the breaking of the waters. But Amnesty, relying on the magic of the taboo, are doing what the Liberal establishment have always accused others of doing – sweeping the debris of human pain and hurt under a carpet embroidered with propaganda and sloganeering.

Colm Gillis is the author of two books. His latest book in titled The Exceptionally Decisive Carl Schmitt. His Amazon page is found here.

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