Dictatorship Blog: November 12 2015

A ‘Eureka moment’ for an independent researcher like me is stumbling on something best termed an ‘insight.’

‘Eureka’ means ‘I have found it’ and the ‘it’ is maybe something that you never could know or articulate but ‘it’ felt good when you got ‘it’ the insight that is.

It could emanate from a book, an article, a review, an opinion piece, a conference proceeding or it could be derived from some or all – like a strange, interwoven, booky-articley-reviewy-piecy-proceedingy thingy.



Whatever it is, it feels like the best thing in the world for that moment even though afterwards I know that there are probably better things in the world like Simon & Schuster delivering a £100K cheque through the door with promises of this on a monthly basis and the stuff I produce doesn’t even have to be that good.

So, OK there are better things, but still I’m describing a feeling here.

Its one of those moments when you two hands join behind your head and you lean back on your tripod chair at about a 105 degree angle to the normal, look forward for a few seconds and then realise ‘things won’t be the same again.’

Eureka = eudaimonia.

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