Dictatorship Blog: November 16 2015

Was looking at some reviews of my last book … well there is only ‘some,’ to be honest. The reviews, all few of them, seemed to say positive things about the amount of research done, as well as the ideas and the basic theses. On the down side – if I am understanding the reviews correctly – there were criticisms that the book was too ‘academic’ and also that it reads less like a book than a extended paper. There were suggestions too that it didn’t flow.

After my first book, which I thought was a bit too un-academic and unsystematic, I tried to tighten up a bit on the research side for the last book. But I guess it is a bit like a ‘whack-a-mole’ game: you knock something into place and another thing pops up.

For this latest book, I have to try to make it entertaining without dumbing down and make the book flow while also making structured arguments. Points should be clearly and simply made.

Finally, a good book, I would argue, reads like a story told around a camp-fire. The challenge is to capture that spirit for a non-fiction book.

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