Dictatorship Blog: November 27 2015

Unfortunately there is no App that allows you to avoid the US Presidential race. In particular Donald Trump’s ‘stellar performance’ (at least numerically) is a cause for concern, even increasingly, it seems, for those on the right. Trump represents the very worst in a breed of populism that has become de rigeur in the US.

Trump’s ‘strength’ is repeating the most vile things people wouldn’t say in public. It is understandable why many Americans like him: with political correctness, debate has been shut down and, as day follows night, the enemies of the PC brigade will look for a channel for their, not wholly unjustified, anger.

Nevertheless, Trump’s populism demonstrates how foolish the very un-American idea of populism is. Leadership and political representation are designed to counter populism: this was the conviction of the founding fathers.

A leader who parrots constituents is a follower who gets paid more money & wields more power than the voter. If a leader does attain popularity it should be because he has surveyed the complex issues and persuaded people to follow a certain direction against their emotional dispositions.

If Trump was elected it would be a worrying, but not wholly unpredictable, development for the US.

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