A Blog Post That Tells The Truth About Gang Rape

As a promoter and defender of Western civilized values and a thinker of The Right, nothing annoys me more than these right-wing and conservative conspiracy theorists (I exempt libertarians who are generally intelligent). These RW/Cons are the same people who told us over a decade ago that there was a vast terrorist network being masterminded by North Korea, Iran, and Iraq and that Nicaragua was preparing to attack the US in the mid-1980s.

The RW/Cons wait in the grass for their opportunity and as soon as their opportunity comes, they shoehorn everything into the narrow little cubby-hole they occupy. It was thus with great glee then that the right-wingers and conservatives – who are against Western civilized values, in my considered opinion – greeted the shocking rapes in Germany on New Years’ Eve.

Among the right-wing and conservatives, thoughts quickly turned to the Islamist threat of which North Korea is a part. Ok, let me rephrase that, thoughts stayed static on the Islamist threat and it wouldn’t have mattered if there were or if there weren’t gang-rapes in Germany (this I will prove in a short while).  Islam was to blame. We need to stop Muslims, crack down on Muslims, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Now, most decent people who subscribe to Western values and even many who don’t would have turned their thoughts to the women involved, how horrible their condition must have been, how much fear they were in and even asked themselves whether they could do anything to help. After all, if someone from a poor neighbourhood commits a crime you don’t go after everyone in the neighbourhood, you don’t say ‘everyone from the North side of such-and-such a city are cockroaches,’ etc… Something to do with the injustice of guilt by association.

So, ok the right-wingers and conservatives don’t subscribe to Western civilized values but let’s still entertain their notion that Islam is to blame for the incidents in Cologne and elsewhere. In fact, we will make it a hypothesis, one that can be tested. But let’s test it and entertain the notion by first collecting evidence and then using the evidence to inform our judgement. Does that sound reasonable to you?

First of all, let it be said that there have been no comprehensive studies in this regard so a lot of common sense will be involved in presentation of facts and the analysis. We will focus on countries where there seems to be evidence of widespread wrong-doing or where gang-rapes have become frequent recently.

Now, it is true that the gang-rapes in Germany were carried out by people who were likely in 9 out of 10 cases to have been raised in either a religious or lapsed Muslim family given that refugees originate from Syria. It is true that in England, the majority, about a half of all gang-rapes are carried by those of Pakistani origin (although the majority of rapes are carried out by native English). It is true that have been incidents of gang rape in Pakistan and Egypt among other countries and it is also true that there have been incidents in Australia involving Lebanese gangs (even though Lebanon is considered a liberal society by many Westerners).

Just like the shootings in San Bernadino being the only shooting spree in the US of interest to the RW/Cons these cases are where the RW/Con would stop. But a question would pop into the mind of other seekers of truth: are there are any other places in the world where gang-rapes occur?

It turns out that there are many other places in the world with small Muslim populations where gang-rapes have occurred with frequency. There have been serious incidents in India, China, Brazil, and even the US has experienced a gang-rape culture in colleges in a country where there are only 3 Muslims out of every 100. In South Africa, which has the lowest number of Muslims per population unit in the world, gang-rapes have been rife and even in Australia there have been gang-rapes by white youths although funnily enough you have to go deep down on the google search results to find these if you type in the relevant key words. In yet another blow for the RW/Con theory, there was a high-profile case in France that shed light on a gang-rape culture and these seemed to involve people from all walks of life.

Now, for an analysis of the evidence. First off, let it be stated that Muslims compose about 2/7 of the worlds population, or about 30 %. So if there is a spate of criminality, one would expect to see Muslims ‘in the mix’ so to speak. The question is then whether there is a disproportionate number of Muslims involved in gang rape or whether there is a geographical trend. I would say that the prevalence of gang-rapes in a country like the US with a massive population of 300 million-odd would counter that argument along with the wealth of other evidence from other regions.

Another point is that Muslims have lived alongside Christians and other minorities in the Middle East and elsewhere for nearly a millennium and a half. Having read a number of books by travellers from yesteryear to the region, there does not seem to be any practice of gang-rapes within Muslim majority countries of minority members. If gang-rape was inherent amongst Muslims you would expect this to be common, especially when minorities were ‘in their power.’

So, what are the factors involved in gang-rape? There seem, from the case-studies, to be a number of them. Poverty and inequality appear to be one crucial factor but not the only one. A difference in culture may explain those gang-rapes that occur in places in South Africa and to a degree in the US. In the US, there seems to be a youth culture that objectifies women. This may also be present in some Muslim majority countries like Egypt. Also, there is the ‘trauma of war’ factor. In the German case, this is likely to be the strongest factor. After all, in the mid-1990s Serbian (why aren’t they called Christian the way Syrians are referred to as Muslims, I wonder?) soldiers went on one of the worst rape sprees in recent recorded military history. Countries like the Congo with negligible Muslim populations have also witnessed high rates of rape.

As I said, comprehensive studies are not forthcoming but I have presented the facts as I found them in the clearest possible manner while being honest enough to inform you about the dearth of research. I have not mislead you or exaggerated data, either to whitewash what went on in Germany or to blacken a group of people. I have brought to light information that most of the media suppresses and you can challenge me on it if you like.

So, please do make up your own mind but, I would advise you, don’t fall for these right-wing and conservative demagogues who say ‘we have to discuss these things openly.’ Indeed we do, but if they want to discuss things openly why don’t they ever refer to the alarming number of gang-rapes in the US (ok they do but just not the ones by ‘our boys’)?

So, don’t sweep the suffering of women anywhere under the carpet but let us not also let the RW/Cons leverage the suffering of women by out-of-control criminals for their own gains. We all know from history the kind of uni-racial sex farms and concentration camps that some of these people, especially those on the right-wing desire, or the culture of neglectful internment that the conservatives laud for foreigners or outsiders. Let those who uphold civilized values of truth, compassion, justice, fairness, right, and equity never appease those who hold these things in contempt and let the true defenders and promoters of Western civilization never appear weak towards those like the RW/Cons. And most importantly, pray for the women involved and hope they find justice.

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