Trump Gaffes Reveal Liberal-Left Hypocrisy (Whats New?)

Over the last week two gaffes have surfaced concerning Donald Trump. One is a fresh crisis and involved him retweeting a Neo-Nazi supporter. The other gaffe concerns earlier remarks that Trump made about his daughter Ivanka (how American is that name?) where he suggested that she caught his fancy. Trump’s opponents seem to be making something of this latter gaffe a bit more now that the primaries are within sight.

Now Trump is highly authoritarian, bordering on, perhaps even a bona fide version of, a fascist leader. He is a loose cannon, to be sure. Yet, his remarks, while controversial, say more about his opponents and their hypocrisy than about Trump.

First, to his remarks about his daughter. Now, Trump did not say what people are suggesting he did. Nonetheless, let’s entertain the notion that Trump’s opponents are dead against conjugal relations between a father and daughter. One would have to question where this opposition to consanguinity comes from. After all, the liberal-left support an oxymoron called ‘same-sex marriage.’ This support for being able to marry whomever you love rests on at least two principles: (1) someone can marry who they want regardless of societal conventions, provided they are over 18 and the two parties consent, and (2) conjugal relations are not for the purpose of a traditional married life or for procreation. Once these two principles are understood it is then understood that the liberal-left should support Donald Trump’s desire to marry whom he wants, provided the other party consents (he probably could marry himself under liberal-left doctrine!).

Now to the other gaffe. First of all, we do not need to pore over the atrocities of the National Socialists in Germany, their ugly appeals to popularity, and their militaristic collectivism. Every right-minded person understands the misadventure of National Socialism. However, the liberal-left never criticize, and in fact may encourage, expressions of support for the extreme left, for Communism, Stalinism, Leninism, and Trostkyism. Would there have been an objection if Bernie Sanders retweeted from someone who had paraphenalia such as the hammer-and-sickle flag or images of Che Guevera on their social media account? Anyone who has been in any university in the Western world knows the degree to which left-wing propaganda is pushed and used as a statement of hipness. Communists in Russia killed tens of millions and the Bolsheviks killed far more Christians and Muslims directly than did the National Socialists. Yet, in the liberal-left world you can’t raise objections to people’s supposed ‘right to express themselves.’ Surely support for both the extreme left and right should be equally taboo or neither should be taboo.

So, don’t vote for Trump but don’t listen to liberal-left hypocrisy either.



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