Poem For Irelands Proclamation Day 2016

The following is a poem about Padraig Pearse who gave his life for Irish freedom in 1916


 Signs you walk under,
 Stations you enter,
 Clubs you frequent,
 Rushing, waiting, strolling;
 One name,
 Written in blood,
 A mere stain in a prison,
 Sufficient to prove,
 The signature of love;
 A name engraved
 On a year,
 So that you might brook,
 No doubt,
 About the book
 Of his heart;
 A mark dropping under, 
 The trajectory of history,
 And from which
 Dust still rises,
 Although the meniscus
 Of the drink,
 Has settled slightly,
 Ever so slightly ...
 For the schoolmen glimpsing,
 That rear view glass,
 We call the past,
 Of yellowed pages,
 Or brightly lit screens,
 Reveal testimony,
 A personal statement
 Which reeks,
 Of the authentic.

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