Audacity of Abortion Tweets?: Just a Lifestyle Choice

Today two women from Ireland – where the wickedness of abortion is virtually illegal – tweeted about their ‘journey’ from the Republic to an abortion clinic in the UK, targeting Premier Enda Kenny with their tweets. This brutal and exhibitionist act drew great praise from Twitter groupies and from celebrities. I was about to say something about a moral compass. But what would be the point of dragging some measure of ethics into this lurid sensationalism?

So how can I get across to you, the reader, how perverse this is? Say if the two women, a few days after giving birth, had gone to an island where there were no laws protecting children. Say if they tweeted about their journey. Say if they had gone to a cliff and videotaped themselves throwing weakless, helpless newborns off a cliff. What is the difference between that and an abortion, particularly with what we scientifically know now about the unborn in the womb?

Or – and this is perhaps even more realistic – say if there was a means of actually showing the babies in their wombs being decapitated or drowned or disposed of by whatever method those innocent lives were snuffed out today. Somehow I suspect if there was such a means of broadcasting the abortion (which does not seem fanciful) they would not show it to their followers or to Taoiseach Kenny; might affect their martyrdom complex.

As far as I know they didn’t make any attempt to show the brutality of the abortion procedure in however imperfect a manner. Doesn’t that say something? Namely, that such women and their advocates always focus on the mother, never the fruit of the womb, never the innocent life who is the collateral damage of someone exercising their reproductive rights by choosing a sexual partner.

That is the best I could do but I know as well that if you are desensitized to such senseless acts it won’t make much difference.

Now, it was a surprising news story, you have to say. Even in my wildest nighrmates I couldn’t have imagined it. If I had been told about it before it happened, the reaction wouldn’t have come as a shock though. But why have so many so-called educated people sung their praises? Why is this naked barbarism being seen as a great step forward? There is a psychological reason why the women drew praise today. It is simply that the women were audacious. As de Maistre said in Considerations on France (written over two centuries ago), petty thieves are publicly condemned while big time swindlers are lauded. If two people fight with knives they are thugs; with battle axes they become heroes. Its better to get hung for stealing a sheep than a lamb. Such an erudite observation doesn’t absolve people for offering their support; it only explains it.

Now for the usual counter-arguments. For a start, don’t give me that guff about how poor and lonely these women were. Ireland is a wealthy country. Women exercise full control over who they copulate with. There are very generous benefits for women who need help with motherhood. This is guaranteed by the Irish Constitution which places high value on morherhood. Women are far more protected in Ireland than in Britain. Take note of the irony of that! They are especially protected from making decisions which damage the rights of children who they have chosen to take the risk of having, by exercising preference for a particular mate.

Another counter-argument … I’m a bloke and should shut up when it comes to women’s choices? No, my friend. Let’s be serious and quit reacting in knee-jerk fashion to bland slogans that ignore the weak and focus on the strong. Those affected in the womb are of male and female sex. They are at the mercy of the strong, as we all.were at some stage. That a woman signs on the dotted line (probably after getting the price of a plane ticket and some hush money from a feckless lover) is not worth discussing.

12 women travel every day across the water and we need to do something about it. Yes, we need to stop characterizing sex as a sport, and start teaching that it forms part and parcel of loving marriages, stable and legal relationships that will make Ireland a better place.

So, the women got their 15 minutes of shame. A shameful trip has been made respectable and, no doubt, respectable people pointing out the gross nature of the ‘operation’ will be shamed. There are reasons why they made news. There is no excuse for what they did, however. Destroying innocent life? If you can get away with it, it’s just another lifestyle choice, it seems.


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  1. jplagens says:

    Fantastic. So glad someone is left with a moral compass.

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