(Video) Dictatorship: A Forbidden History – Part 5 Die Diktatur

The next instalment of my documentary on dictatorship has been released. This series is to support the release of my new book The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship (which is being given away for free this weekend, the 9-10 April). In this part, Carl Schmitt’s journey from justifying commissary dictatorship to justifying the sovereign dictatorship of…

(Video) Dictatorship: A Forbidden History – Rome

The next instalment of my documentary on dictatorship is online. This part describes the Roman dictatorship and the Roman state of emergency,.known as iustitium. It also shows the difference between the dictatorships of the 1st century B.C., namely those of Sulla and Caesar, and those of previous centuries. Click on the link below.  

A Book That Was Disturbing to Write

“It was written that I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.” Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness On Tuesday (March 1st, 2016) my new book The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship will hit the Kindle electronic shelves! This is a study on dictatorial and extraordinary powers, with particular emphasis on the meaning of these…

Book Excerpt: The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship

The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship By Colm Gillis KDP, 2016   III.1 The Overthrow of the Bourbons and Dictatorship     The French authorities – almost as if to underline the point that dictatorial powers punctuate passages of democratic freedom – adopted a crisis instrument soon after overthrowing the last Bourbon king. Before the time…

New Documentary: “Dictatorship: A Forbidden History”

Please click on the link below to watch my new (so new it’s my first!) documentary on dictatorship. The documentary is intended to put dictatorship in a historical context & to frame it as a problem in political philosophy. Please note that if viewed from mobile the settings must be changed. Details are given below…

Dictatorship: A Quick and Easy Guide

In this simple to understand guide, three types of dictatorship are distinguished. There is also a quick summary of words that are often confused with dictatorship.  1. Three Types of Dictatorship The three types to be distinguished are that of constitutional dictatorship, used by countries like France or the US, left-wing dictatorship, e.g. USSR, and…

From Democracy to Dictatorship?

The following blog is loosely based on Chapter I of my new non-fiction book The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship. A brief summary of the ascent of democracy and the descent of dictatorship in the public mind is given.  1. Democracy and Dictatorship Democracy used to have a bad name, dictatorship used to have a not so…

Timeline of Dictatorship and Emergency Powers

Below is a timeline to support my upcoming book The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship (due for release 01/03/2015) complete with videos and some interesting facts. Thanks to the Hstry.co educational website for enabling me to put it together. Click on the screengrab below for a timeline of dictatorship and emergency powers.

Machiavelli: The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship

Machiavelli isn’t known for his moral qualms but he did have a good head on his shoulders nevertheless. The Florentine historian and statesman made an outstanding and perhaps under-appreciated contribution to the theory of emergency powers in a republic. All modern republics take their cue from the Roman republic (res publica is Latin, of course)….

Book Announcement: “The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship”

The Terrible Beauty of Dictatorship is my new non-fiction book scheduled for release, March 1st, 2016. It is both a history and analysis of emergency powers, dictatorships, and states of exception.  Emergency powers are dictatorship by another name. In a post-9/11 world, they are widespread and affect you. But knowledge is power;  The Terrible Beauty of…

Dictatorship Blog: November 13 2015

DORA 40B is most notorious for regulating cocaine to actresses. Perhaps the most effective propaganda was that concerning women – innocent girls were being drugged and converted into prostitutes or lured into ‘bachelor girlhood,’ a euphemism for lesbianism, propagandists claimed.

Dictatorship Blog: November 11 2015

Neither is there some ‘contradiction’ between a country favouring democratic institutions during peacetime and periodically installing a dictatorship in times of trouble. This is the nature of countries where there is a constitution. It is what happened in Rome during the Republican period.