From Serfdom to Quasi-Serfdom

Freedom is a desire to be independent. It is fair to say that it is the ultimate aim of all modern political philosophies. Any government in the world is judged according to how it weighs in the freedom balance. Whether for an individual or a minority, freedom is non-negotiable. Since the desire to be free…

Love, Defiance, and Community

Schmitt and Ibn Khaldun both offered a political viewpoint that is at odds with modern-day individualized freedom. From this I concluded that collective freedom is the only freedom worth discussing.

The Concept of the Social

This is an outline of a talk I hope to give. It will be argued that freedom is inherently a collective concept. The title of the talk is The Concept of the Social: Remarks on Schmitt’s Political and Ibn Khaldun’s ‘Asabiyah.