Dictatorship Blog: November 30 2015

The Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Act 2008 gave the Minister for Finance dictatorial powers to deal with the run on Anglo-Irish bank.

Amnesty Ireland Sweep Suffering Under the Carpet

Amnesty Ireland support abortion and a form of relationship where the traditional mother and father are no longer essential. They are relying on a culture of the taboo and also are sweeping the human suffering that will inevitably arise under the carpet.  If you have grown up in Ireland then you have been programmed to…

Identity Ireland Identify Issues Impossible to Ignore

Ireland today is a broken country, with high rates of suicide, mental health issues, drug problems, a rising crime rate, an ever-increasing feeling of isolation, broken homes and decadence. A new Land War is in the process of kicking off as we communicate.

Bruce Arnold: Same Sex Marriage In The Irish Constitution

Ireland’s constitutional protection of the family is in danger of being overthrown and a Brave New World type regime may soon be imposed. This action is being done primarily in the name of equality. In a brilliantly researched piece of scholarship, Bruce Arnold demolishes the core argument underpinning the same-sex arguments and also highlights some very negative repercussions should the constitutional protection of the family be swept aside.