What’s in a name Part II? : The X-Factor

The Black Muslim phenomenon highlights a fact, that we often gloss over, that our own names carry with them unappreciated political import. If we don’t want to ‘X’ ourselves, doesn’t that show that we have a feeling of belonging. to something bigger?

What is in a name?

Names are the forms by which we label things but they are the facade of something far deeper. We pronounce when we name, we make legal or illegal via a naming form but behind the name there lies something mysterious.

The Exceptionally Decisive Carl Schmitt: A Jimi Hendrix Epigraph

In a series of blogs about my new book about Carl Schmitt‘s theory of sovereignty, I briefly discuss why an epigraph by a certain music legend was used. At the start of chapter 1 of my new book The Exceptionally Decisive Carl Schmitt, I use the following epigraph from Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)….