New Documentary: “Dictatorship: A Forbidden History”

Please click on the link below to watch my new (so new it’s my first!) documentary on dictatorship. The documentary is intended to put dictatorship in a historical context & to frame it as a problem in political philosophy. Please note that if viewed from mobile the settings must be changed. Details are given below…

Dictatorship Blog: November 15 2015

On Friday, the French President declared a state of emergency which, at time of writing, is still in place. Six times this declaration has been made since WWII but it’s only the second time (in the same period) such a state has been imposed within the French mainland. Nevertheless, France is accustomed to states of…

You Wield Sovereignty When You Act Exceptionally Decisive

Decisions, decisions, decisions … life is full of them.

We make a decision in the true sense when it is a decision that effectively opens up a new life for us. Before the decision was made, there were different avenues open. Once we make the decision, one avenue is taken and all the other avenues are cut off.