Watching Us From A Distance: From Deism to Atheism

Deism essentially meant that Man no longer could appeal to God because God was now distant. Instead the most powerful humans became like gods. It was natural for atheism, with its religion of humanity, to become popular because a God who can’t act is in reality no God at all.

What’s in a name Part II? : The X-Factor

The Black Muslim phenomenon highlights a fact, that we often gloss over, that our own names carry with them unappreciated political import. If we don’t want to ‘X’ ourselves, doesn’t that show that we have a feeling of belonging. to something bigger?

What is in a name?

Names are the forms by which we label things but they are the facade of something far deeper. We pronounce when we name, we make legal or illegal via a naming form but behind the name there lies something mysterious.

The Exceptionally Decisive Carl Schmitt: A Jimi Hendrix Epigraph

In a series of blogs about my new book about Carl Schmitt‘s theory of sovereignty, I briefly discuss why an epigraph by a certain music legend was used. At the start of chapter 1 of my new book The Exceptionally Decisive Carl Schmitt, I use the following epigraph from Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)….