Death is the Only Democracy

At one stage in the farcical feature film Blazing Saddles the main protagonist is condemned to die. With an eye to the racial overtones of the movie, the executioner tells the black man that “everyone is equal in my eye.” While in the normal run of things there are factions and sectarian conflicts predicated on…

Never Write Off a German by Colm Gillis

by a curious paradox the name Schmitt is surrounded by mist, and it may be asked whether this fog is not often manufactured artificially…. It is fashionable to discredit the work of this author on the basis of a reputation that is based largely on rumors … [and] it is better … to recognize that Carl Schmitt is controversial and will always remain controversial, like all those who belong to the same intellectual family: Machiavelli, Hobbes, de Maistre, Donoso Cortes, and also Max Weber